11-13 JANUARY 2019 – BOLOGNA – Centro Interculturale Zonarelli


It is four years since we formed the Italian school of Processwork, Arte del Processo. Now we would like to share the richness of this method more widely.
Worldwork is an experience of Processwork applied to current socio-political issues.
We believe it is necessary, in this important time, to develop techniques for facilitating our own conflicts , both the internal ones and the ones out there in the world.
We want to support citizens and leaders in every sector in the realisation of spaces of Dialogue, of Deep Democracy, and in the dissemination of free information, where all voices can be heard.
We would like to be part of a story which supports the participation of everyone, enquiring together into the issues ofimmigration, economy, education, politics, climate change, human rights and gender violence ..
Each of us has a share of responsibility in this time of great change, and Worldwork offers a safe space in which to meet one another in all our diversity.

Our objectives are:

  • To encourage citizens and leaders in every sector to come together and to participate in this Open Dialogue in order to get involved in an Italy that needs all of us.
  • To co-create a space of Interactive Dialogue in small and bigger groups.
  • To welcome diversity of ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, gender, age, education, health.
  • To develop techniques for facilitating our internal and external conflicts and for working with diversity.
  • To catalyse a collective dream that supports the leadership of everyone.
  • To explore together what we THINK about the issues of immigration, economy, current political situation, climate change, gender, ... how we feel about the world that we live in; our families, our communities, our local areas, our neighbours and organisations.

We are excited to invite you to the first ever Worldwork event in Italy, which will include both open forums and teaching.
Facilitated by three Processwork teachers, Ana Rhodes, Gill Emslie and Bogna Szymkiewicz, in English with Italian translation.

We need all of us!