How to learn the basics of facilitation and of Processwork approach and how to apply it to our relationships, our professions and ourselves? The best way is participating to an open seminar! Choose your favourite topic and get to know closer the first Italian ProcessWork school. Click here.


14-16 June 2019.
Let's meet in Brindisi to explore altered States in and around us.


Do you want to become a Process Oriented Counselor? Are you already a counselor and want to upgrade your profession through the Processwork? The first Italian School in ProcessWork is affiliated to SIAF! SIAF!

Are we sure and certain that the concept of democracy, in which the majority wins over the minority, is still sustainable?

We feel that new ways are needed to face the challenges of our present times, in order to become aware of how we use our privileges, and to become truly aware of theimpact that our behaviour has on ourselves, on our relationships, and on the culture in which we live.

The Art of the Process teaches us to welcome and explore the value of diversity, bringing social innovation through inner awareness.


Which we translate into Italian with Arte del Processo, is an interdisciplinary methodology that offers tools  and attitudes to support the deep awareness of the evolutionary processes within our experiences, so that we can better facilitate ourselves, our relationships, our creativity, and our organisations.


Founded in 2015, the Italian School in ProcessWork has the objective to teach to follow the wisdom of nature contained in signals, dreams and emotions, to explore and transform tensions, conflicts and altered states, personal as well as group. Find out more...


The school organizes open seminars for those who want to approach the methodology and support courses that have themes that are inherent or complementary to the Art of the Process. Seminars are held in various Italian cities and they are provided both in Italian and English language in order to assure a large participation. Program.

The event of the year


For a world that honors diversity

11-13 January 2019 BOLOGNA

With Ana Rhodes Castro, Bogna Szymkievicz and Gill Emslie

The School of Process Art wants to spread tools to face the conflict in a different way.
In January 2019 the first Worldwork event in Italy took place! 


Since 2018, the School of ProcessWork is affiliated SIAF, Training Body n ° sc 241/18: therefore our open seminars are valid for the training of counselors and the attainment of professional competence attestations in the relative professional registers S.I.A.F. - Italian Family Harmonization Society, Counselor, Holistic Counselor and Holistic Operators. S.I.A.F. - Italian Family Harmonisation Society, Counsellor, Holistic Counsellor and Holistic Operators -

At the end of the three-year course it will be possible to become a COUNSELLOR SPECIALISED IN PROCESS-ORIENTED FACILITATION.
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