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The unprecedented speed and extent of change we are experiencing in today's world necessitates new leadership attitudes and new approaches with which to transform conflict. In this seminar...


Pubblichiamo date, tematiche e luoghi dei seminari in programma per il 2020. Un anno ricco di apprendimento, coinvolgimento ed esperienza, individuale e collettiva! 


How to learn the basics of facilitation and of Processwork approach and how to apply it to our relationships, our professions and ourselves? The best way is participating to an open seminar! Find out how and choose the topic of your interest.

Translated into Italian and published by Anima Mundi in 2010, Sitting in the Fire (Essere nel fuoco in the Italian version) comes out in Italian paperback on newsstands on July 30, 2019 along with Corriere della Serain the collection Mindfulness and Meditation. Arnold and Amy Mindell are the founding fathers of ProcessWork, Process-oriented Psychology.

Proud to have introduced this methodology in Italy with our School. Have a nice reading!  


Since 2018, our school is affiliated to SIAF, Training Body No. sc 241/18: our open seminars are therefore valid for the training of counselors and the attainment of the certificates of professional competence in the relative professional registers S.I.A.F. - Italian Society of Family Harmonizers, Counselors, Holistic Counselors and Holistic Operators.  Find out how to become a COUNSELOR EXPERT IN FACILITATION ORIENTED TO THE PROCESS. Click here. 

Are we sure and certain that the concept of democracy, in which the majority wins over the minority, is still sustainable?

We feel that new ways are needed to face the challenges of our present times, in order to become aware of how we use our privileges, and to become truly aware of theimpact that our behaviour has on ourselves, on our relationships, and on the culture in which we live.

Process oriented Psichology teaches how to welcome and explore the value of diversity to bring social innovation through inner awareness. social innovation through inner awareness.


Which we translate into Italian with Arte del Processo, is an interdisciplinary methodology that offers tools  and attitudes to support the deep awareness of the evolutionary processes within our experiences, so that we can better facilitate ourselves, our relationships, our creativity, and our organisations.


Founded in 2015, the Italian School in ProcessWork has the objective to teach to follow the wisdom of nature contained in signals, dreams and emotions, to explore and transform tensions, conflicts and altered states, personal as well as group. Read more...


The school organizes open seminars for those who want to approach the methodology of Process-oriented Psychology. Seminars are held in various Italian cities and they are provided both in Italian and English language in order to assure a large participation. Find out our next seminars.

Dreaming a world of relationship

How to navigate in open and multicultural systems?

6-8 September 2019 - Bassano del Grappa (VI), with Reini Hauser and Bogna Szymkievicz . The seminar took place in the dynamic setting of the Youth Center in Bassano del Grappa.

"Fourth-year students are going to share, support and experiment with the third session of exams of the Processwork school. Different ingredients are mixed in the atmosphere: the nervousness of those who have to take the exam, the one who comes to support it; of those who experience it as a test and at the same time as a dance between what they have studied, what they have integrated into their everyday life, the practice carried out in class with classmates and companions, a sense of friendliness and intimacy with the teacher who supported us in growing in these four years ... "