The Arte del Processo School is the first school in Italy in ProcessWork, Counseling and Facilitation process and conflicts transformation-oriented. Since 2015.


Discover the topics of the annual seminars scheduled for 2020! The seminars are held in Italian and English and are facilitated by teachers and international experts.

Even people external to the school can attend and register for individual seminars in the first three days. In addition, on the Friday morning of each seminar it is possible to participate in aopen school of two free hours of ProcessWork.

Remember, fino al 15 gennaio 2020 (studenti in corso) o fino al 10 febbraio 2020 (nuovi iscritti) per and get the International Diploma in Processwork. recognized by IAPOP.

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January 24-26, 2020

Transforming the Past and Freeing the future

with Gill Emslie and Beatrice Leone

In many families and cultures the traumas of the past have been silenced, partly by the force of the traumatic event(s) or social and physical displacement but also through state policies or cultural taboos.

In this seminar, under the expert guidance of Gill Emslie and Beatrice Leone, we will explore crucial aspects of this topic such as: 

  • How to strengthen our abilities to recognise the belief systems present now as having an origin in the past and our skills to engage with these to transform them.
  • How to express our unheard voices within on behalf of ourselves and all of our relations

People external to the school are allowed to register for this seminar. On Friday morning a free Open School of two hours of ProcessWork is organized. We are waiting for you! Click here to get the brochure and more info on how to register! 

Are we sure and certain that the concept of democracy, in which the majority wins over the minority, is still sustainable?

We feel that new ways are needed to face the challenges of our present times, in order to become aware of how we use our privileges, and to become truly aware of theimpact that our behaviour has on ourselves, on our relationships, and on the culture in which we live.

Process oriented Psichology teaches how to welcome and explore the value of diversity to bring social innovation through inner awareness. social innovation through inner awareness.

L’Associazione Arte del Processo è iscritta al registro delle Associazione di Promozione Sociale. Fino a tutto il 2019, la scuola di Arte del Processo è stata affiliata SIAF, Ente di Formazione n° sc 241/18.
Dal 2020, la Scuola è affiliata FED PRO, quindi i nostri seminari aperti sono validi per la formazione di Counselor ed il conseguimento delle attestazioni di competenza professionale nei relativi registri professionali FED PRO

Al termine del percorso triennale sarà
possibile diventare EXPERT COUNSELOR IN FACILITATION PROCESS ORIENTED. Al termine del percorso completo si consegue il DIPLOMA INTERNAZIONALE IN PROCESSWORK, riconosciuto da IAPOP.

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