The relationship between student and processwork facilitators is meant to take place in a completely private and independent way.

The student is required to:

  • scegliere un facilitatore processwork per rendere il numero di ore di sessioni personali richieste nel suo programma di studio (laureati in processworkers, insegnanti o studenti avanzati messi a disposizione dalla scuola e pubblicati in questa pagina, o esterni di sua conoscenza)
  • contattare il facilitatore scelto con i mezzi messi a disposizione (email, sms, WhatsApp, telefono, Skype, ecc.).
  • programmare, accettare e aggiornare la frequenza, orario e posizione (fisica o virtuale, ad esempio Skype) delle sessioni effettuate
  • registrare le sessioni effettuate nel suo libretto degli studenti fornito all’inizio degli studi.

The school, therefore, is relieved from any responsibility regarding that relationship and does not respond to detailed arrangements that must be managed exclusively between the student and his/her processworker facilitator.

It’s made an exception for those specific cases, and those only, where the circumstances manifest the character of extreme urgency, complication and / or repeated difficulty of gaining access to the processworker facilitator (advanced student, graduate or teacher of the same school).

In such cases, the student is warmly invited to send an email to artedelprocesso@gmail.com where to explain his point of view on the inconvenience, exposing problems and proposals.

The school team will take care to facilitate the above-mentioned training/learning relationship and / or help to find alternative solutions, wherever they occur the conditions described above.


paola-pecoraro_b&wPassionate student and researcher of music, music therapy, psychology, education and integration/inclusion of diversities, to promote peace, Paola is Italian and studies Process Work with RSPOPUK London. She is a phase II student of the Diploma and she is fluent in Italian, English, and French.

She lives in London, after attending the diploma training seminars and passed the entrance exams to the therapeutic practice, she has started to work as a psychotherapist and facilitator of Process Work, under supervision of the training school. In 2014 she completed the course of Facilitation for Leaders organized by CFOR.

She is a music therapist, specialized in Assisi at the four­year course in music therapy, has a Master in Art Therapy, she is a musician and a composer. She worked for 18 years as a specialist teacher and music therapist for children with special educational needs, devoted to integration and inclusion of diversities. She has been theorizing and applying Group Music Therapy for integration. She was the founder and creator of the three­year course of training of the Music Therapy FORIFO, recognized by the Ministry of Education, in which he taught music therapy and supervision and that he directed for 13 years. She has taught and conducted music therapy workshops in several university courses, including the course of music therapy for students of Speech Therapy, Faculty of Medicine and seminars for students of Science Education at the University of Roma Tre. She completed four years of training in Core Energy, to study and learn the importance of body awareness and the emotions that live and remain as a memory in our bodies. She has spoken at various national and international conferences, wrote articles and published in Italian and English the book “Music therapy for integration” (Cajola, Esperson, Rizzo, Franco Angeli 2008, RM). She has experience in individual and group therapies.

Email to: paolaesperson.p@gmail.com

Skype name: esper.p


GIANFRANCESCO_b&wGianfrancesco (Giovanni) Sisto is a 48-years old italian cisgender man passionate about and challenged by his own and other people’s diversities.
He studied as a dentist technician at the Institute “IPSIA” of Bari (Italy) and then followed his dream to be a free man like Francis of Assisi: a man who left his family, status and career to follow and trust his dreams and step into an unbeaten path that lead him among the poor and the marginalised of his time. Gianfrancesco became a franciscan friar in 1987.
He holds a bachelor degree in Theology at the University “Antonianum” in Rome, having written a thesis on the “Islamic-Christian Dialogue in sub-Saharan Africa.”
He also holds a Master degree in Spiritual Theology in Rome (Antonianum) by writing a thesis on “The Franciscan model of spiritual accompaniment.”
He followed training courses on human rights and on the “Universal Periodic Review” in Geneva at the NGO ‘Franciscans International’.
His night-time dreams and life discernment led him to live in Africa for 16 years (1994 – 2010), among different languages, peoples and nations. He lived in Tanzania with Wasukuma, in Uganda with the Banyankole, in Zambia with the Nyanja-Chewa and in Kenya with Kikuyus, Luos and many other communities.
Living outside his cultural and linguistic area contributed to the learning and appreciation of the richness, wisdom and beauty of other cosmovisions, worldviews, stories, history and the challenges they entail.
Among the various roles he has held while in Africa, are those of leadership, trainer and teacher.
He directed the Office of Justice, Peace and Care of Creation for the Franciscan Family in Nairobi (Kenya) and took part in the reconciliation process after the elections of 2007. In that context, he met the “conflict facilitation” approach of “Process Work” in a workshop facilitated by Anup Karia, a UK Processwork Faculty member. .

Gianfrancesco has lived since 2010 in Brussels (Belgium) where he provides missionary training to international groups, focusing on multiculturalism, the complex privileges of whiteness, rank and diversity awareness rooted in the science-art of Process Work taught by Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues.
As a gay man he has grappled with sexual orientation, internalised homophobia and habits that have shaped his belief system. This work on himself has brought him to develop an inside-out profound interest in exploring the concept of deepdemocracy and diversity related topics that are both challenging, exciting and precious to individuals, groups, institutions and the world at large.
Currently, he is a Phase 2 student in London (UK) at the “Research Society of Process Oriented Psychology” founded by Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon, and he is entitled to practice as a psychotherapist under supervision.
Gianfrancesco speaks Italian, English, Swahili, French and Spanish.

Email to: gianfrancesco.sisto@gmail.com
Skype: giullare67


barbara-leuner_b&wSono nata a Zurigo nel 1965 e sono cresciuta nella Svizzera tedesca con i miei genitori e un fratello più grande di quattro anni. Dopo aver conseguito la laurea in economia aziendale, ho iniziato ad acquisire esperienze professionali in diverse aziende medie e grandi (attive a livello nazionale e internazionale). In questa fase ho svolto incarichi in ambito di gestione di progetti operativi e strategici, e a livello dirigenziale. Negli ultimi anni ho effettuato vari soggiorni all’estero, fra gli altri in Italia nel 2011-14. Parlo fluentemente tedesco, inglese, francese, italiano, e capisco abbastanza bene lo spagnolo.

In 2002 I started a consultancy activity in the field of development and corporate and organizational change, team and leadership, in non-profit and for-profit environments. I also deal with coaching, mediation, facilitation with large groups and the development and holding of seminars in professional institutes and business schools. In 2013 I started working with Lukas Hohler and other colleagues, in the role of facilitator of Empowered Programs of GRUNDKRAFT. For a long time I have been interested in the therapeutic field that has opened a new path of experiences for me.

In 2008 I discovered Processwork, which I started to investigate later, first at DDI / USA (Deep Democracy Institute) with Max Schupbach and colleagues and now at the IPA in Zurich, as a student cand. Dipl. POP". Processwork accompanies my life and offers many possibilities to support individuals and teams in my professional activity. Moreover Processwork study to activate my contribution also at public level, within socio-political themes.

My big dream is that more fruitful relationships can emerge between people considering their diversity and multiculturalism and that dialogues and relationships are lived in a more conscious, deeper and more perceptible way.

I accompany individuals and groups in the most varied environments. Support processes of transformations and accompany experiences in the professional and personal sphere. I also work with bodily symptoms and altered states of consciousness. My ambition is that life can reinforce its vitality and energy to face everyday challenges.

LU International Consulting GmbH
Laurenzenvorstadt 79
CH-5000 Aarau

Much more on www.blu-international-consulting.ch
Phone  +41 62 822 86 80
Mobile +41 78 600 91 41
Skype Name: blu_swiss


peix_b&w“If instead of denying imperfection and vulnerability, we recognize them, they can even become a tool of force.”

Sergi is a passionate student from Barcelona coursing his Phase 2 studies between the Spanish Process Work Institute and RSPOPUK in London. He has been part of diverse programs about leadership and he dreams about diversity, identity, and relations.
He has long experience, being involved in projects around social justice and community, and also his travels around the world opened his heart connecting him with a huge diversity of cultures and perspectives of life.
Actually he is working as therapist practitioner in a cooperative in Barcelona, and working with groups, developing and collaborating in parallel diverse projects in Barcelona and Europe with Transexual and Transgender communities, Mental Health, Youth, Prevention of violence, and community building.
He has been supporting different students in their way to pass the phase 1 exams in Spain and UK, giving classes of PW and supporting their processes.
È stato educato ai valori femministi, è quindi importante per lui portare la prospettiva “Gender” nel suo lavoro ed esplorare come applicarla in forme diverse.
Languages: English and Spanish

He offers individual sessions and study support for Processwork exams to individuals or self-organized groups of students.

Email to: peixpeixot@gmailcom



Rona Ribeiro has been working internationally for over seven years as a facilitator with individuals, relationships and groups, and is an advanced Phase 2 Process Work student. Rona has extensive experience working with diversity and people from many different cultures.
She speaks fluent English and Portuguese, and understands Spanish.
Rona offers Skype sessions and has been complimented on her warmth, insights, and effectiveness.
Contact her for a first chat:

Email to: rona_terra@hotmail.com,
Skype: ronaterra
Whatsapp:  +44 787657326


ornella_b&wI have 20 years of experience in working with minorities, Gender Work, Team Coaching and I was in charge of educational concepts and culture education in non-profit organizations. Have worked in various educational institutions and dealt mainly with youngsters with behavioral problems and their families. Strong emotions I have always been attracted, where I could use pedagogy and Process Work simultaneously. 2012, I moved to Finland and have lived and worked 3 years on a husky farm and where I realized a time-out project for youth in crisis. Today I live with my dog – an Alaskan Malamute (named Ilaka who is my co-coacher) again in Zurich. I am working now as a therapist and as a coach with young people. I speak German, Italian and English.

Email to: ocherti@bluewin.ch                               Phone: +41 (0)763032552
Skype: chertix


beatrice-leone_b&wBeatrice Leone falls in love with Process Work and Deep Democracy on an autumn afternoon in 2011, in Amsterdam. She decides to make her professional growth and life path of it, and currently, she has completed her studies and
gained a Diploma in Process Work at the Deep Democracy Institute.
Educationalist and PhD in Sociology of Migration and Cultures, passionate about diversity and a curious explorer of other worlds, she has dedicated herself for years as a trainer and facilitator on the theme of intercultural relations and conflict transformation, working with groups of young artists and refugees, associations, professionals, organization, local communities, institutions, schools.

For several years she has happily applied his Coach practice, facilitating the resources of each and everyone with a special passion for creative and unexpected solutions that can emerge from the individual process. She is a passionate facilitator of the invisible: feelings, emotions, deep states and subtle experiences in an individual or in a group are the subjects with which she loves to work to build, create more sustainable communities and initiatives.
She lives in Lecce. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French.
Email: mariabeatriceleone@gmail.com


jennifer_b&wJennifer Kleskie is faculty member at Processwork Institute in Portland Oregon. She began training there in 1999 and received both a Diploma in Process Work and a Masters in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change. She works with a Civil-Military School in the Philippines to teach alternative ways to address conflict. She also partners with communities who are developing peace and development initiatives within the country. As a deep democracy practitioner, Jennifer works with people, groups and organizations to achieve their deepest dreams, allowing conflict to be a tool for transformation.

Email to: jkleskie@gmail.com
Skype: jenniferula


BRIGITA-TRIMAJOVA_b&wMy name is Brigit. In my professional role, I am usually talking about myself as a psychotherapist, coach, and trainer. I work with people in different contexts: business and private, self-development and clinical, with individuals and groups. I am also a member of the managing team of the Process-oriented Institute of Slovakia (POPI Slovensko). I am participating in POPI’s current training programs: as a trainer in a new cohort that is going for a diploma and as an assistant to our senior teachers in our first program. I am also in roles of training therapist, mentors and supervisor.

I am a diplomate in PW since May 2015 and in my diploma work I addressed the role of the mother in society, how this effects the individual and the society around them and the rank dynamics related to this powerful role. It is available at me, if you are interested, please write me personaly, I would be very happy to share and furthermore discuss the topic with you.

Qualche informazione sul mio percorso: ho studiato psicologia a Bratislava, e ho trascorso un anno a Bilbao, in Spagna, presso la Universidad de Deusto 1994-95, facendo un anno di psicologia. Qui è avvenuta la mia connessione con la Spagna e con la lingua spagnola. Sono madrelingua slovacca, parlo fluentemente inglese, spagnolo, francese e conosco abbastanza bene la lingua italiana, la comprendo benissimo ma sono meno brava a parlarla. So che può essere utile nei momenti in cui siamo in difficoltà con l’Inglese.

In the past I worked in psychiatry, later on in the business environment, for quite a long time I was writing counseling articles for magazines and also running a counseling website for 4 years. Nowadays I am mostly a therapist and trainer and many related roles in personal and peoples development.

I live with my son and my partner in Bratislava, Slovakia. I love going to nature, skiing, swimming, and the seaside. And when I have time I also love painting and do other creative activities.

My connection to PW stared in 1992 when I participated in my first seminar with Ivan and Marianne Verny. In 1994 I participated in my first WW, then in 1995 I took part in the Intensive in Portland, Oregon. Over the last 20 years I have been to many different seminars and events in PW. During 1995-1998 I was a formal student in training in Slovakia, from 2002 I was a phase 2 student in RSPOP UK, until 2011 when we opened the program in Bratislava and I concluded my studies there. Since then I am also a trainer in our institute.

Much more: www.brigitatrimaj.sk/en/ or http://www.processwork.sk
E-mail: btrimaj@hotmail.com         Phone:0042 1917559820


peter_b&wPersonally, my passions are dreams and how they live in our waking lives and what they reveal of our blind spots and deeper patterns of our life. Additionally trauma and anxiety, depression and the struggles of life and what may be behind them are issues that i am very curious about.
Relationships, gender and sexuality are areas where i have struggled, learnt and grown with personally and as a therapist and keep continueing to do so. I’m writing my dissertation on ‘God and Therapy’ and exploring where Process Work is a spiritual path. Recently working with my and my clients edges, in the eternal newness of every moment, is my learning path.
I especially value Process Work’s emphasis on being descriptive – following signals and not prescriptive – with set outcomes. Jung’s influence continually inspires me especially the idea of individuation and the mythic world’s influence on our lives. Learning to trust in our individual (and group) process brings awe to my life.

I spent 7 years living in the Findhorn community in the 90s before returning to my birth city of Hong Kong to be a journalist and editor specialising in environmental and spiritual news, founding and running Positive News Hong Kong and Holistic AsiaIn 2008 i became ordained as an interfaith minister and a year later became a Findhorn Fellow, a group of notable folk associated with the Findhorn community who help to create the holistic and sustainable solutions and inspirations to our current world situation.

In 2016 i returned to live in the Findhorn community in Scotland.
Parlo inglese e tedesco.

Since 2010 I have been studying at the RSPOPUK. Currently as a supervised student as part of my training I receive regular supervision.


email: ptlloyd65@gmail.com

Much more on www.peterlloydpsychotherapy.com/

Phone: +44-1309 690665
Mob: +44-7516116443
skype: skypepeterhk


I work as a therapist in a private practice in Sheffield, London, and on Skype. I also facilitate groups and I have a strong interest in the tensions and issues that occur at the community / social level.

A central interest for me, as a Processwork graduate, therapist and facilitator, is the Processwork concept that the things that disturb us contain the seeds of our growth. I learned the importance of going deep into difficult or disturbing experiences of my inner world and the outside world and finding meaning and purpose related to stimulating or disturbing events. As a therapist, I try to be a companion on this journey and feel honored to have the opportunity to accompany a person when he explores these places to search for meaning, well-being and strength.

I have a strong interest in the identification process - as Jung showed us and how it was further developed in Processwork. I am especially curious to know how our bodies, our altered and extreme states of consciousness and our experiences in the community and in the world can contribute to our process of growth / individuation.

Community facilitation and development work
The focus of my work with the communities was the inter-community conflicts, the traumas and the persistent polarizations of the community (in Croatia - after the war in the former Yugoslavia and more recently in supporting asylum seekers and migrants in the United Kingdom). I am currently involved in a reconciliation program in Rwanda through the program "Beyond the conflict - Rwanda" with the CFOR organization - London.

I am also a member of the "Who's Your Neighbor" facilitation team - who is a small organization that facilitates community dialogue in areas where tensions occur within the community.

I speak German, in addition to English.
I am available as a member of your driving team and for personal therapy sessions.
If someone would like to have a chat or an initial session first and then decide - that's fine with me. The initial session of personal therapy will be free.
Email: milan.cfor @ gmail.com


I am a graduate in processwork resident in Sheffield, UK. I work in a private practice (including with Processwork trainees) and as a therapist and supervisor at the counseling service - University of Sheffield. My clients come from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Working with people all the time

inspired by the creativity and adaptability of each person as he navigates through his life, facing and playing with the challenges that emerge. I am also always inspired and grateful for the rich learning resulting from the elaboration of my difficulties.
In addition to my individual work with people, I work as a community facilitator (like
team member of a project called 'Who Is Your Neighbor? / Who's Your Neighbor?' working in areas of community tension in the region where I live and as a member of the team of experts for the International Movement Medicine Association) and present the
public dialogue in Sheffield as part of the city's Debate Festival.
When I'm not working, I do yoga, I meditate, I run, I walk and I go around with my
I speak English and I am available for your driving team and for your personal therapy sessions.
I do not use skype. I tend to work on Zoom because of the GDPR (general data protection regulation) of the EU. You can contact me via email: leahbijelic@gmail.com



Hi, I am Caroline Baillie, a Phase 2 student in London. 

I studied Italian and French at university and during that time I lived in Bologna and in Puglia, which I revisit as often as I can. My first career was as a broadcast journalist for the BBC. It was very interesting but my heart wasn’t in it. I had always known I wanted to work in psychology and in 2007 I decided to retrain. After three years I changed course when I discovered Processwork which I absolutely love.

I now work as a therapist in private practice in Stroud in Britain’s south west. I am interested in trauma, anxiety and depression, self-criticism, power and privilege and parenting.  

I am also a mother; my children are almost grown up now and being a parent has been a challenging and rewarding experience.  

To relax I like listening to music, learning about and creating perfumes, being with my family, friends and animals, doing yoga and going to the cinema.

I speak English, Italian and French.

I welcome people of all abilities, ethnic and racial backgrounds, faiths, relationship styles and sexual orientations to my practice.

My training is accredited by UKCP with whom I am a registered trainee and whose ethical and practical code I abide by. I receive regular supervision.

I am available for personal therapy sessions.


Email to: carolinebaillie@mac.com

More on: www.carolinebaillie.com

Mobile: 00 44 7713 622781

Skype:  carolineebaillie