Strengthened by the teaching of teachers whose human and professional commitment in the international field is a guarantee of seriousness and enthusiasm, the proposed path aims to teach to follow the wisdom of nature , manifesting in things that ‘happen to us’ and in the concrete challenges of everyday life, as well as in the subtle signals, and dreams and in the emotions that precede and accompany them. Developing such awareness and intervention skills allows us to:

  • Develop curiosity and trust in the aliveness of an emerging process , and in ourselves, and our feelings.
  • See a useful resource within any problem or discomfort, be it physical, emotional, relational, organisational or environmental.
  • Unveil the hidden message in any significant experience to access its creative potential and its evolutionary significance.
  • Evolve towards a holistic understanding of ourselves and of our relational dynamics and of the forces at play in the system. 
  • Be more fully ourselves in order to flow with change.
  • Build genuine and deep and collaborative relationships , using our awareness of the ways in which we are privileged, and of any role in which we hold power in some way, including our own style of leadership.
  • Explore and transform tensions, conflicts and altered states , our own and those of others, in ways that are characterised by the fostering of respect.
  • Integrate the concepts and practices learned within any other discipline or professional skill set with which there is a compatibility of purpose and of values, improving their applicability and effectiveness regardless of the context or subjects involved.

This training enables professionals capable of facilitate a deeper democracy, both within ourselves and in our external environmentsto support an evolution and a change, both personal and collective, beyond the differences and precisely thanks to them.