Programma 2020

Update October 2019

Full program for 2020 is now set!

Here below you'll find dates and locations of the scheduled seminars with related topics. More information on the teachers and the detailed program for each seminar will be provided shortly.

Bassano del Grappa (VI)

TRANSFORMING THE PAST AND FREEING THE FUTURE - About intergenerational traumas

28 FEBR. – 1 MARCH
Pontedera (PI)

UNDERSTANDING THOSE WE LOVE - Couples and family therapy

17-20 APRILE*

MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE - Dreaming the world awake!

23-28 MAY
WORLDWORK (suggested) – Vancouver, B.C., Canada

12-14 JUNE
Bassano del Grappa (VI)

THE WORLD WE LIVE IN - A meeting of opposites


FEELING BLUE OR FEELING HIGH - Processing addictions and depression

Pontedera (PI)

BODY WORK AND BODY EXPERIENCES - Process oriented Psychosomatics


Organisations and didactics

Every year the school organizes seminars dedicated to the specific issues of Processwork and supervised by professors and experts of international experience.

The seminars take place in different cities of Italy to allow for wide accessibility, they are held in Italian and English and are open to public in its first 3 days, so that anyone can participate and learn more about the application of Process-oriented Psychology (future events). Seminars with an asterisk are reserved exclusively for students registered for the full course.

The three days of open seminars are followed by two days of training days, reserved for school enrolled and registered students.

During the year the school also organize supervision seminars dedicated to school students as well as thematic experiential workshops (supplementary seminars).

Furthermore, the school supports courses and training events that are inherent or complementary to the Art of the Process topics (partner events).

As the School is registered as Non formal Educational Body by SIAF (n° sc 241/18), Italian Society "Armonizzatori Familiari, Councelor, Councelor Olistici e Operatori Olistici", some of our seminars give access to formative credits.



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