Registration for the year 2020 is currently open! 

The official registration to the Italian School of Processwork takes place by filling in the registration form and paying the registration fee, set at € 300. 

Fill out the form below to receive all the documentation on the school's path and the registration forms.



In the first 3 years, annual fee is set at 1.950€ (including first rate fee), it has to be paid monthly within day 7, divided into 3 monthly rate of 300€ and 3 monthly rate of 250€ each. Last due rate during the month of July.

Starting 4th years, the enrollment annual fee is set at 1.300€ (comprensivi di iscrizione)to be paid in 5 rates of 200€ each. Last rate in the month of June.

By filling out the form on the page you will receive all the registration forms and documentation on the educational path.