Our roots

The school of Arte del Processo was founded in 2015 by a team of dreamers; Melania, Monica, Angelica, Genny e Samuel - holding between them a rich diversity of experience and professional skills. United by a shared passion for Processwork they shared the desire to bring home to Italy this innovative approach to life and to change. Ours is a grassroots school, founded by students rather than teachers, who are also members of the organisational team. As with any living thing, both our organisational team and the school itself are in an ongoing evolutionary process of change.

Our Mission

In awareness of the historical significance of the huge challenges we are seeing today to the protection of our own sacred national Constitutional democratic values, we present Processwork and its method of process-oriented facilitation as a precious instrument for raising awareness and offering support for both current individual and collective dynamics in our society. We believe that the richness and the immediacy of Processwork’s theoretical and ethical framework, together with the versatility and the effectiveness of its practical application, can be of great inspiration and support for anyone who wants to contribute to the creation of a society and to a culture based in a deeper democracy.

As a school of awareness and of deep democracy, all members of the school are encouraged to actively participate and to take the initiative, finding ways to contribute to the community of the school and to the relationships within it, and to join in as part of this grassroots project to the process of experimentation and of learning together how to employ the ethical and theoretical values, attitudes and skills required to build a process-oriented community.