The ProcessWork, which we translate into Italian "Arte del Processo" is an interdisciplinary methodology that offers tools and attitudes to support the deep awareness of our experiences and to facilitate relationships, creative, organizational and evolutionary processes, including conflicts transformation.

The basic idea is that every conflict or symptom, psychological, social or physical can be elaborated and transformed, to learn the hidden message. albero


Processwork has been developed over the last 40 years by Arnold and Amy Mindell and their colleagues: it's a multidisciplinary approach base on C.G. Jund psychology, on humanistic and transpersonal psychology and refers to the new paradigm of science (systems theory and quantum physics) and to oriental philosophies and indigenous traditions.


The art of the Process is applicable in a wide range of situations by those interested or interested in exploring and deepening the relationship with itself, with others and with the wider surroundings.

It is useful for those who work in public and private organizations, in areas of care and support for individuals and groups, as well as in the areas of facilitation and organizational and personal development, research and artistic expression.


  • Business development
  • Team and Community Building
  • Facilitation of groups
  • Work with body symptoms
  • Education and training
  • Artistic and creative expression
  • Coaching and Facilitation
  • Holistic wellness


  • Start or expand a path of deep knowledge of oneself
  • Establish more aware and satisfying relationships
  • Building dialogue in groups
  • Spread a culture based on diversity
  • Sviluppare le abilità e acquisire le conoscenze che ci aiutano a lavorare con individui, coppie, gruppi e organizzazioni, e con l’ambiente.
  • Create greater awareness and support for your needs, dreams and projects.