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All seminars are held in Italian and English.


Some seminars and workshop are open to public in its first 3 days, so that everybody can participate and get closer to specific topics.

The entire duration of the courses (open seminars + training days) is reserved for students enrolled in the school.

BIn addition, the school supports courses and events dealing with inherent or complementary topics: contact us for more information.

As the school is affiliated as Non formal Educational Body by SIAF (n° sc 241/18), Italian Society "Armonizzatori Familiari, Councelor, Councelor Olistici e Operatori Olistici", some of our seminars give access to formative credits. 

Seminars and workshop 2019

11-13 Gennaio BOLOGNA Centro Interculturale Zonarelli
FOR A WORLD THAT HONOURS DIVERSITY: the first Italian Worldwork event! 
facilitated by three teachers in Processwork, Ana Rhodes, Gill Emslie and Bogna Szymkiewicz

8-12 February   MILAN Exodus Foundation
THE MANY FACES OF THE SELF: to welcome and make every part of oneself feel welcomed 
facilitated by Bogna Szymkiewicz and Peter Ammann

29 March – 1 April  NAPLES  Foundation Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish quarter)
facilitated by Ana Rhodes Castro and Reini Hauser
(only for subscribers to the entire course)

14-18 June  SAN VITO DEI NORMANNI (BR)   ExFadda –Urban workshop
THE GENIE IN THE BOTTLE: Altered States in and Around Me 
facilitated by Bogna Szymkiewicz and Gill Emslie

6-10 September BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI)  Villa Angaran S.Giuseppe
DREAMING OF A WORLD OF RELATIONSHIPS: how to navigate in open and multicultural systems? 
facilitated by Reini Hauser and Peter Ammann

November 8-12  NAPLES  Foundation Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish quarter)
CONFLICT AND LOVE: Relationship, not just power! 
facilitated by Ana Rhodes Castro and Gill Emslie
All seminars are open during the first three days, except for the March / April seminar. The last two days are reserved for students only / and for the whole year of the school.

To enroll to the current year CLICK HERE and fill in the forms.