ProcessWork Free Webinars on current affairs

For supporters and fans of ProcessWork, an unmissable appointment for the next few weeks!

From mid April to the end of May, free webinar with the teachers of our school.

Ana Rhodes Castro, Bogna Szymkiewicz, Reini Hauser, Gill Emslie will focus on current topics, giving the perspective of ProcessWork on some crucial aspects of the historical moment that we are individually and globally going through.

Free webinars are open to everybody and they will be in Italian and English.

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Friday April 24th 2020, 11.00-12.30

with Ana Rhodes Castro

The Body of the Earth. The coronavirus as a dream of individual and collective evolution

“The Earth sings for those who listen”George Santayana.

Symptoms are like notes of music, they are significant experiences that can support us to reconnect with a deep feeling in our lives. Coronavirus is a global symptom and a global dream that creates boundaries and that equally crosses frontiers. We will explore both aspects. The dreaming body is an expression of the relationship between our dreams, our symptoms and our relationships. If we can explore the deeper of this aspect, we could potentially connect with the ghost of freedom, meaning an experience that crosses all types of boundaries, such as frontiers, ethnicity, class, territory, genders, sexual orientation, religion, ideologies, politics, etc.

I webinar gratuiti sono in italiano/inglese e a numero chiuso. Prenotazioni terminate.

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Friday May 1st, 2020, 11.00-12.30

with Bogna Szymkiewicz

Flowing through the time of crisis: interventions in areas of panic, anxiety and depression

While going through the time of crisis, when old ways of being are disrupted and we are facing the unknown future, we often experience anxiety, panic, depression, loneliness - experiences that are marginalized in our society. In moments of uncertainty and strong chaos these altered states can become more prominent individually and collectively. We need to learn how to embrace them - in ourselves and others. Such states are also signals that potentially can guide us to a deep sense of meaning in our lives. We will explore abilities to negotiate and intervene with more fluidity with these states in ourselves, our relationships and communities so that they can support conscious social action.

I webinar gratuiti sono in italiano/inglese e a numero chiuso. Prenotazioni terminate.

Un sintesi visual del webinar!

Friday May 15th 2020, 11.00 - 12.30

with Reini Hauser

Global burnout, the virus and the meaning of death

Life and death are on our minds more often in times of crisis, uncertainty and global change. Remembering impermanence and embracing mortality can wake us up and have positive effects on our happiness and those of others. Faced with a global burn-out, the call of the virus can become an ally of action and presence to renew how we live together on the planet. We will explore the states and powers that life and death bring into our lives in these challenging times.

I webinar gratuiti sono in italiano/inglese e a numero chiuso.


Venerdì 29 maggio 2020 (11:00 – 12.30)

with Gill Emslie

The Socio- Political sphere. Leadership, power and privilege in relationship

In these times of enforced confinement, many of our relationships may be experiencing additional pressure and tension, whether these be with those closest to us, or with those in the public sphere. Understanding the dynamics of power and privilege in relationship can transform our experience of these potentially shattering times and unlock the underlying emergent process and new leadership styles so needed for our well-being and future.

Comprendere le dinamiche legate a potere e privilegi nelle relazioni può trasformare la nostra esperienza di questi tempi potenzialmente sconvolgenti e sbloccare il processo emergente sottostante e i nuovi stili di leadership così necessari per il nostro benessere e per il futuro.

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