It’s all in the family: working with children, teens and parents using the Process Work lens

Naturalmente Crescendo - Località Marti (PI) Località Marti, Pisa, Italia

IT'S ALL IN THE FAMILY Working with children, teens and parents using the Process Work lensSeminar with Dawn MenkenIn collaboration with Naturalmente Crescendo, the Italian School of Process Work is organizing in Marti (Province of Pisa, Italy) an exceptional two-day seminar aimed at parents, educators, therapists, processworkers with American specialist Dawn Menken, author of Raising […]

Dreaming Up and Trauma


DREAMING UP AND TRAUMAWEBINAR by Bogna SZYMKIEWICZ Each of us is on one hand a separate individual and on the other a part of a bigger field – a couple,  a group,  a society. While we are trying to find our place in the world, the field is looking for the ways to express its […]

Unfolding the texture of the soul


Unfolding the texture of the soulWEBINAR by Gill Emslie"A human being is a part of the totality we call the Universe, a part limited in time and space. However, he experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest; a form of optical illusion of consciousness. Albert Einstein In English and ItalianTopics […]

The interplay between relationship levels


INTERPLAY BETWEEN RELATIONSHIP LEVELSWEBINAR by Sergi BarrientosThe relationship levels and the interplay between those levels when you are on the mist of the relationship. Arnold Mindell, The Dreambody in Relationship Mindell applica il Processwork a individui, coppie, famiglie e gruppi, intrecciando i concetti dell'inconscio collettivo, le scoperte della psicologia e della fisica moderne con la […]