We want to thank all the teachers who come from all over Europe and have generously given their willingness to co-create and run the first year of the School of Process and Deep Democracy, in 2015-2016.

These are today the teachers of the School of Process Work and Deep Democracy.

The teachers of the School


Ana Rhodes, PhD, has trained in a wide variety of personal and organisational development skills including Process Oriented Psychology, appreciative inquiry, conflict facilitation, applied skills for sustainable social and culture change, leadership and confidence building, outcome mapping, supervision and executive coaching.

Ana is a diplomate in Process Work – Process Oriented Psychology from the Portland Process Work Institute in the USA.
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Some K positions she has help over her professional life:

2009 – 2013 Chair of Management of the Findhorn Foundation
This includes taking responsibility for the overall performance of the Management team and an organisation of 200 individuals, chairing meetings and liaising and preparing reports for the trustees while also carrying out regular supervision and appraisal of all management staff,

facilitating big group process and open forum dialogue in order to support sustainable decision making, strategic and economic awareness for the benefit of the long term life of the system.

2003 – 2009 Personal Development Manager

This involved running internal trainings, conflict facilitation, supervision and overseeing structures that support the Findhorn Foundation to function efficiently at an individual and collective level.

She has founded a centre dedicated to the Transformation of Human Conflict (CTCH) that runs regular international training teaching conflict facilitation, deep democracy skills, group dynamics and evolutionary leadership as a new paradigm of world engagement. https://transformaciondelconflicto.es/

She works as facilitator, trainer and supervisor with corporate organisations, civic society movements and NGOs.

She is a cofounder of the School of Arte del Processo in Italy. She currently is the faculty Director as well as a core teacher, supervisor and therapist within it.

She collaborates with a diversity of organisations as associate teacher and supervisor such as NAOS institute in London, IMPACT Evolution in Athens, OMA Richard Olivier Mythodrama in London, etc.

One of her greatest passions involves maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups and organizations in a way that is supportive and enhances natural leadership.
She facilitates groups of up to 400 people in processes of socio-cultural and organisational change, using tools that support diversity and deep democracy.

She feels deeply for working with cross-cultural education and diversity issues such as gender, race, sexual orientation, class, politics, religion…etc incorporating visual media and group dynamics. She has facilitated the international documentaries called The Dialogue and American Textures.

Ana is fluent in both Spanish and English and regularly runs trainings and offers consultancy in Spain, Italy, the UK, Athens, South America and others. 

Reini Hauser, Ph.D., is an accredited psychotherapist, supervisor, coach and group facilitator and has been teaching Processwork for 30 years world-wide. He works with clients, couples and groups in private practice in Zurich. 

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Some of his interests include group and conflict work, body work and meditation. Co-founder and leader of the Zurich Processwork Institute Zurich 2005-2019, he is on the faculty of the ZIST Academy for Psychotherapy, Germany, and currently co-leads training programs in Russia, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. He lives in Zurich with his family. http://www.reinihauser.net .


Bogna Szymkiewicz, Ph.D. has been teaching for over 30 years at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw. She holds diploma in Process Work from Zurich, and a degree in clinical psychology. She works with clients in private practice, facilitates groups and teaches Process Work internationally. She is a co-founder of Process Work School in Poland, where she teaches and gives supervision regularly. 

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As a researcher and author of articles and books, she participates in many conferences. Her publications include: “Wounded States of Consciousness. About Pain, Anger and Unconscious use of Power in Relationships” (in Polish, English version soon), “Deeper into the Soul. beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s towards Forgetfulness Care” (co-writer); “Process Work: Theory and Practice” (editor of the anthology, in Polish) , and many articles. Bogna has 23-years old twin daughters and a funny dog Pepi. She lives in Warsaw, Poland.

More on www.bogna.eu/en


Dipl. Process Work  is an international facilitator, trainer and executive coach and consultant working with organizational development, leadership,  peace building and conflict facilitation. She teaches and works in diverse settings ranging from  the NGO and social and environmental justice sector, to business and local government, in Europe,  Latin America and SE Asia, facilitating in-depth training programmes and working directly with  leadership teams.

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 Gill has also spent several years living and working with indigenous people in remote areas of the Earth and this has awoken in her a particular love for bio-cultural diversity and concern about its current predicament. When she is not travelling Gill lives in the Findhorn Foundation ecovillage which is an NGO providing training on issues of global concern related to sustainability, environment, peace, shelter and the creation of a sustainable world.

Visit her website: http://www.gillemslie.net


Email: sergiproces@gmail.com

Languages: EN – ES – IT

Facilitator, Trainer and Therapist, Diplomate on Process Work, I support individuals, groups and organizations to realize themselves, to connect with who they are and to discover what they contribute to their environment from a Process Work and Systemic approach.

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A long experience in social movements and social justice projects, as well as years living and working in different parts of the world with multiple organizations and communities have given me a cross-cultural awareness of the dynamics of privilege, power and marginalization.

Founder member of the Go Deep Project recognized with the GENE Global Education Innovation Award ’17, I currently collaborate with various organizations in Europe:

  • Supporting organizational development and conflict management in associations and companies.
  • Supporting the development of leadership and dialogue in the field of migration and reception. 
  • Supporting men to become more aware of themselves, of the use/misuse of their power and the impact this has on themselves and their relationships.

I love the study and research, art and the mountains.



A journey with us

There are many ways you can participate in our activities and experience ProcessWork. Find out about the upcoming events scheduled or contact us to learn more about the study program and the path towards the International Diploma in ProcessWork recognized by IAPOP.

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