The training course

The training path

The path to obtain the International Diploma in ProcessWork, Process-Oriented Counseling and Facilitation and Conflict Facilitation, has a variable duration between 5 and 7 years, divided into three phases: three-year basic course, phase one and phase two up to the diploma.

The course trains professionals capable of facilitating a deeper democracy, inside and outside of us, to support evolution and change, both personal and collective, beyond differences and thanks to them.

The profession in ProcessWork is regulated by the law 4/2013 and the complete path of our school allows  you to achieve the International Diploma in ProcessWork, recognized by IAPOP, International Association of Professionals in Process-Oriented Psychology.

The school is also affiliated with FEDPRO, Association of Helping Relationship Professions, and some of our seminars entitle to training credits.

The road to the diploma

The path to the International Diploma in ProcessWork, Process-Oriented Counselling and Facilitation and Conflict Facilitation lasts between 5 and 7 years, divided into three phases: three-year basic course, phase one and phase two until graduation.

In addition to participation in seminars, which take place in Italian and English, personal sessions, study groups, supervision, daily practice and constant study of one’s personal growth path are required.

At the end of the first three-year period, it is possible to take the FEDPRO exam to obtain the certificate of professionalism of Counselor expert in process-oriented facilitation.

After taking all the exams of phase one, you can access phase two, the path that will lead to the International Diploma in Processwork, recognized by IAPOP.

Already during phase two, you receive certification to give supervised Processwork sessions with regular paying clients.

Below you can see the infographic of the path to the diploma, with requirements and exams for each step.

Organization and didactics


The School of Arte del Processo is the first school in Italy of ProcessWork, Counselling and Process-Oriented Facilitation for the transformation of conflict.

As a founding part of the path, every year the school organises educational seminars (Open Seminars) which are mandatory for students. They are dedicated to specific topics all covering different aspects of

Gli open seminar hanno sede in alcune città in Italia e online su Zoom per consentire un’ampia partecipazione, si svolgono in italiano e inglese e sono aperti a tutti nei primi 3 giorni, previo versamento della quota associativa di 10€ e della singola quota di iscrizione del seminario.

He supervision seminars are dedicated to registered students of the school who attend the training days that take place on Monday and Tuesday following the open seminars.

During the year we also organise experiential workshops, free webinars and many other initiatives for deepening our understanding of a range of issues. The school supports courses and trainings that have themes related or complementary to the Arte del Processo (partner events). To see the full schedule of current initiatives, CLICK HERE.

Enrollment 2021

Given the current global situation, the 2021 program has been structured with alternating online and live seminars.

Registration for the 2021 educational year is open until January 31, 2021. Find out the full program and how to enroll: click here. 

During the next weeks we will be organising videocalls within which to offer a presentation of the school.

To be informed about the next dates write to:

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