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Do you want to understand if this path is right for you?

Even if you are not enrolled in the school, throughout the year you can join the individual initiatives organised, whether webinars or educational seminars, by paying the relative participation fee, in addition to a 10€ membership fee.

This is a simple but effective and engaging way to get to know Processwork in the field, savour the atmosphere of the community of members and better discover the interest and usefulness of this discipline for your personal or professional path.

In addition, during the year we organise free webinars, presentations of the school on Zoom and through our Open School – meeting on land (in person) or online, and via our offerings of free introductory classes in Process-Oriented Psychology (duration: two hours) where we explain in the simplest terms the foundations of the discipline of ProcessWork with the inclusion of some practical exercises.

Check out the calendar of upcoming events, choose the topic of your interest and contact us for more information!

Journey with us

Choose your preferred way to approach Processwork. You can attend just a few seminars for personal or professional interest, or you can enroll for the full year to go deeper in to the discipline of ProcessWork/Process-oriented Psychology through seminars, training days, exams and individual sessions.