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In this section you can find a summary of the seminars and events held so far: a visual glimpse of moments of learning and sharing experienced during the events organised by the School or the exam sessions, as evidence of how facilitation and group processes are fundamental elements of the ProcessWork path.

Click on the arrows at the sides of the photos to browse the two galleries, discover what themes we have worked on so far and savour the atmosphere during the School’s meetings!

Educational seminars from previous years.


Every year the School organises six Open Seminars in English and Italian with internationally renowned teachers. The Open Seminars are open to the public in the first three days and continue in the following two days for the School’s enrolled students only.

Educational year 2022

Educational year 2021

Educational year 2020

Educational year 2019

Educational year 2017-2018

Education year 2016-2017

Educational year 2015-2016

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A journey with us

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