How was it born?

The Italian School of Processwork “Arte del Processo e Democrazia Profonda” was born within the homonymous Association of Arte del Processo. It was founded in Castelfiorentino (near FIorence) in 2015 by four Processwork enthusiasts coming from different professional fields, from the area of natural wellness, traditional medicine and integrated holistic therapies to architecture and design, to the organizational, strategic management and facilitation of teams and groups.

A special thanks to Ana Rhodes, our teacher and “godmother”, with whom the founders dreamed and realized the launch of the school with the first Deep Democracy Tour 2015.

The school researches and explores the best participation tools for a vision of contents and organization as shared as possible.

The IArte del Processo Association is registered in the Tuscan register of Social Promotion Associations.

Click here to download the Statutes. 


Founding team

Melania Bigi, Samuel Capecchi, Angelica D’Onofrio, Genny Carraro

A special mention for Monika Kraft, “dreamer” and active participant in the initial design and logo of the school.

Organizing team

Samuel Capecchi | +39 347 1821047 

Sandra Salvucci  | +39 347 4545431

Emilie Lando     | +39 380 783 5786

Chiara Carazza  | +39 340 7100542

Legal Representative: Samuel Capecchi


Graduated in Philosophy in Cagliari with an international Master in Medical Humanities and a PhD in Medicine and Human Sciences at the University of Insubria, Massimiliano Zonza is Vice President and National Didactic Coordinator of FEDPRO and President of UNICOUNSELLING.

He has been involved for a long time with drug addiction, mental health and social marginalization.

He has coordinated educational activities aimed at minors and carries out research and teaching activities in the field of Medical Humanities, Clinical Ethics and Medical and Special Pedagogy at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Cagliari.

Counsellor, he was interested in the birth and development of philosophical counselling. Member of the Scientific Council of the Research Center in Clinical Ethics of the University of Insubria, he currently works as a trainer and as an honorary magistrate. Lay member of the Order of Preachers, he is interested in issues concerning Christian meditation.