The voice of the students

Rossella Pisoni, 5th year, Phase 2, 10/09/2020

My name is Rossella and I am 66 years young, 😉!

5 years ago, I found in the bookstore a book with the title and the intriguing presentation “Sitting in the Fire” by Arnold Mindell, published by Anima Mundi and Terra Nuova two publishing houses for whom I have great esteem and that reflect my tastes and the direction of my research.

As a good “bookworm”, the decision was made and the book became my property! 

It was fortunate that, almost at the same time, in the tour of RIVE, Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici, there were some friends who invited me to a tour of Milan, a presentation for the start in Italy of a training school with an original and innovative methodology in the field of Conflict Facilitation.

I decided to adhere to it, only to discover that the leader of this methodology was the author of the book on which my hand had been magnetically attracted a few months earlier.

These preambles, to describe how a wise and invisible energy pushed me to enrol in the School of “Arte del Processo” and for 5 years I have been participating in the training embracing this method that … opened up worlds to me, similar to my holistic vision of Life, allowing me, through seminars and examinations, to enrich my search for meaning and direction by entering the world of complexity, quantum systemics, shamanism, Jungian and Freudian psychology and the most important psychological currents of both the last century and the current one.

I confirm my commitment to the path, because at the same time as the knowledge I also have the awareness of myself, because, in brief, there are personal sessions of therapy and supervision, which allow me to seek congruence between what I learn and my relational life, in everyday life.

Highly recommended👌!

Monica Garraffa, 4th year, 11/09/2020

I’m 50 years old, my life’s myth, linked to a recurring childhood dream, tells me about taking difficult and challenging paths, of which I have not defined the goal but towards which I feel a great attraction.

This was also the case for Processwork… I enrolled four years ago in the Italian school of Processwork after only one meeting with Melania Bigi and having read the first pages of “Sitting in the Fire” by Arnold Mindell I felt strongly that I wanted to take the path of the school for personal growth and I started.

In spite of the logistical and organisational difficulties I have had in reaching the various locations in which the seminars have been held, from Palermo, with the support of my family, I attended the school with enthusiasm, receiving great enrichment from teachers and fellow students. Sometimes I am surprised when I look at the reality that surrounds me within my personal, work and community relationships through the eyes and practice of Processwork.

Now that I am in my fourth year I decided to take the FEDPRO exam to obtain the professional certificate of Counsellor specialising in process-oriented facilitation. This is an goal that has become clear but I feel that it does not end there…

Markus Eberl, Austria, 2/10/2020, after the Intensive Supervision Seminar.

 When I first joined a seminar at Scuola di Arte del Processo last year I found a wonderful group of people who are learning Processwork with a spirit of wholeheartedness, excitement and curiosity. The love for Processwork that brought this school into life is still tangible in the atmosphere of the seminars. An international team of very experienced and motivated (senior) teachers and some very skilled translators as well as the very diverse and lovable group make learning and practicing Processwork an experience of high quality and a lot of fun. Being the first student from an abroad Processwork school, I experienced a warmhearted welcoming and hospitality that touched me deeply and made me feel at home immediately.

I am delighted and grateful for this opportunity!

How Processwork changed my life and work:

 As a physiotherapist I have often been struggling with the common mechanistic paradigm of treating and healing a body symptom. The role of the therapist as someone who should help make a problem disappear and reestablish the previous condition troubled me a lot and led me into a deep crisis that made me stop working as a therapist for more than two years. When I started again it was clear to me that I had to redefine the therapist’s role. On my search for a new approach I found Processwork and immediately fell in love with its new perspective on symptoms and problems as carriers of potentially important information yet to be unfolded through direct experience rather than cognitive understanding. This perspective takes a lot of pressure from my shoulders and allows me to enter into a session with an attitude of not knowing, curiosity and an open heart for whatever is supposed to happen. Still a beginner on this path, I am eager to learn more and find ways to combine Processwork and bodywork and make it one.

 In my personal life I am slowly able to look at my challenges as parts of some bigger background process rather than some unpleasant states that need to be changed. This extended view helps me become a humble man, aware of the mystery surrounding my life and the life of others. I am very glad that Processwork encompasses therapy, art and spirituality and thus allows me to develop freely and makes it an ever moving and growing phenomenon;)

Margherita Forgione, 5th year, 09/09/2020

Why choose the school Arte del Processo?

“I chose to enrol in the School Arte del Processo because I have always been fascinated by the theme of power, which permeates everything but is given little attention in our society, and it is here that for the first time I had the opportunity to explore it, through the concepts of rank, role and privilege, and to acquire new lenses through which to understand group dynamics, and to become aware of my way of using (or not) power in my way of being in the world.

Today, after five years of traveling, I remain convinced of the impact that Arte del Processo has had both on my personal life, in giving me the opportunity to know aspects of myself that are marginalised and in helping me to relate with more awareness, and on a professional level, providing me with key texts and tools that integrate well with the psychological ones I already use, and that I find particularly useful in work with groups and in work oriented towards individual and collective change.

The Creative Group

Processwork is a methodology that enhances and develops the creative dimension of those who practice it. You are encouraged to foster an intuitive and awake presence with which to follow and support the process. Like with any artistic or creative process, Processwork also feeds on the observation and amplification of signals that manifest themselves in all channels (proprioceptive, visual, auditory, movement, relational and world).

Noticing this cross-over, in 2016, during the first year, some students, eager to create an exploratory space, began to develop projects together outside of the seminars.

Thus was born the Creative Group, totally self-managed, a research laboratory among Processwork students to explore, investigate, develop and share their creative “spark“, be it a small seed still underground, a tree at its maximum splendour, a dream, a desire, a practice or something still unknown.

Starting from the methodological approach of Processwork the research is enriched by contamination with other artistic approaches and techniques such as: sensory theatre, the theatre of the oppressed, the yoga of laughter, contact dance, authentic movement, painting, sculpture, music, puppet shows, singing, meditation, collage, maps, …

The group, for example, has experimented with how to integrate other modes of expression into group processes, such as authentic movement, dance and painting, with which to bring out the voices in the field.

In recent years, the Creative Group has independently organised and come together twice, each time for 5 days, one winter in Venice and one summer in Manziana (outside Rome) and has explored some practices that it has shared, during the seminars, with all the students of the school.

All the creative group meetings are free of charge and open to all students of the school, and from this year forward they are open also to the students of the other schools of Processwork from other countries. Any participant can propose individual and groups exploration in the form of workshops, exercises, performances or simple questions that open a dialogue.

To participate is not necessary a particular competence or vocation, but a beginner’s attitude!

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