The school offers three learning paths:

Base Year: the student enrols and learns the theoretical, experiential and applicative bases of Process Work. He or she can then choose to continue and to complete one of the following two paths or both:
Three-year training in process-oriented counselling of which the Base Year is the first one.
Complete path leading to the International Diploma of Process Work of which the Base Year and the three years constitute the Phase One to which is added an advanced Phase Two of at least three years.

Enrollment is annual and includes 

  • the attendance to the mandatory taught seminars (click here to see the programs of the previous years)
  • attendance of training days and intensive supervision meetings
  • the possibility to take the exams
  • access to all educational material (only for students enrolled to the entire year)
  • access to the school’s sharing and study channels.

Considering the current global situation, the program has been remodelled with alternating online and live seminars in order to allow easy attendance by students and external participants.

All seminars are held in English and Italian.


From October till January 2022, we organize Open Chat on Zoom, for presenting the path and the program of the School.

Next dates in January 2022:

Wednesday 5, Wednesday 19th (in English only) and Friday 21st, from 6 to 7.30 pm

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Enrollment for 2022 is possible until February 28th, 2022.

Besides the association subscription fee of 350€, the annual rate is set at Euro 1,850 for the first year, Euro 1,600 for the second and third year. From the fourth year on, the annual rate is set at Euro 1,550, 1,350 or 1,200, depending on your economic possibility of contribution.

For students enrolled just for ending the exam of the three-year path, the fee is Euro 350.

NB (only for students enrolled in the first year): for the purpose of a more aware attendance of the school, before officially be enrolled, those interested in the first year will have to undergo a motivational interview with a school teacher (interview cost € 100).

Brochure of the 2022 Program. Download it here.


If you enroll in the FIRST YEAR by January 9th, 2022, there is a saving of €200.00.

Other promotions are available for the participation of single webinars and for people aged under 26. Find out more, click here

Request forms and information material from:, or contact us via whatsapp at +39 347 182 1047 (Samuel Capecchi – Didactic Coordinator).

Are you already sure of enrolling and want to proceed with the registration? 


CARD Programma 2021 DEF EN web

Are you interested in the topic of Processwork but want more information before enrolling?

Everybody, just as a member and not as a student, can participate in most of our webinars and seminars. 

For more information on participating as an member, follow the instructions on the last page of the program brochure.

Download the PDF of the brochure with the complete 2022 program.

Program 2021 (Soon it will be published the full details of the program 2022).

20 February 2021 - ONLINE SEMINAR Open to all

WEAVING LIFE’S PROCESS: Roots of Process Work and its forming structures with Sergi Barrientos

Time: 09:30–13:30 15:00–18:00

7 hours, equivalent to 14 CREDITS CFP

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Process Oriented Psychology is a comprehensive theory, method and orientation to work with individuals, relationships, organizations and communities, developed by Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues since the late 1970’s. It has its roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism and various spiritual traditions of the world, Shamanism, Quantum Physics, Gestalt, Transpersonal and Humanistic psychology.

We invite you to a journey through the disciplines and approaches that inspire and have fed the birth and development of Process Work in all its applications, not only deepening them and their ideas, but by taking and knitting all these to keep weaving a tapestry that even today

continues in expansion.

To walk this path is to enjoy the journey of the human being himself in trying to understand and connect with his own humanity, as part of nature and the unembraceable universe that surrounds him/her, both inside and outside.

We will also practice and get familiar with Process Work methods and structures to unfold our deepest essence and create from there new sustainable patterns to be applied in our daily life in practical and creative ways.

13-14 March 2021 - ONLINE SEMINAR Open to all

A COUPLES ADVENTURES OVER TIME: Intimacy and Sexuality with Reini Hauser

Time: 9:30–13:00 14:30–17:30

13 hours, equivalent to 26 CREDITS CFP

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Bonding is prerequisite and relationship the vessel that shapes our development. In this seminar we will focus our attention on the relationship happening in the here and now and explore growth potentials in the present difficulties. Togetherness can be described as a field where,

beneath the surface of rational discourse, more unconscious tendencies, dreams and desires communicate with each other. It is these subtle non-verbal body-to-body processes and interactions that we unfold to find what our deepest needs are, our desire for intimacy and for distance as well. In the seminar we will deepen our relationship style by being aware of our sensuality and sexuality at the interface of power and rank, and communicate better with others.

– How are relationship patterns reflected in the here and now.

– How do we work with signals of closeness, distance, sensuality and sexuality as processes.

– How do we navigate the interfaces of power in relationship and sexuality.

The workshop is experience-oriented, with individual and relationship work in the middle, as well as exercises and theoretical inputs.

26 March 2021 - ONLINE CLASS

TRAUMA RELATED FROZEN STATES: Working with trauma and its many phases with Bogna Szymkievicz

Time 17:00–20:30

16-17-18 April 2021 - LIVE SEMINAR Open to All at Naturalmente Crescendo Marti (PI) - Italy

CROSSING THE BOUNDARIES OF RACE AND SELF: Challenging the dynamics of racism and being able to let go of power with Ana Rhodes Castro

Time:  Friday 15:00–19:00; Saturday 10:00–13:00 15:00–18:00  Sunday 10:00–14:00

14 hours, equivalent to 28 CREDITS CFP

19-20 April 2021: Training days reserved to school students  Time 10:00–13:00 15:00–18:00

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Issues of diversity, inclusion and exclusion are very present for all of us in our socio-cultural and political contexts. We all belong to a wide variety of social groups relating to race, gender, sexuality, class, age, educational background etc. In all of these groups we can see patterns of Power, Oppression and Privilege. Dynamics of unconscious use of Power if not addressed, become part of our everyday interactions and a process of external and internal oppression becomes active in our relationships. One of the reasons why Racism is a painful and difficult subject to engage with is because it carries within historical issues such as slavery, colonialism and different interracial conflicts accumulated over time. We need to be willing to go beyond our comfort zones and learn to hold racial tension in a safe space. Come and let’s co-create the space together! And remember that it may not be comfortable but we are all needed in the journey of learning to live well with one another.

In this Experiential Training we will focus on Race being aware that many other forms of oppression can be seen through the lens of racisms. Welcoming and being part of conversations on race between us requires Courage, Honesty and the meta-skill of Loving Kindness communication. These conversations tend to bring up strong feelings of discomfort, anger, pain and anxiety, while so many of us prefer to be silent, avoid the topic altogether while others of us tend to minimise its importance and impact. We will explore some terms and educational components needed when talking about Race and Racism as well as the role that socialisation plays in these dynamics. This space is dedicated for learning ways to decentralize power, celebrate it and share it with all life as the Sun shares its warmth with all of us and the Earth holds us all equally. We will take time to understand and challenge the collective model of White Supremacy as a long term river of privileges and reflect on what will support us in to the future to Talk about Race more openly and freely.

14-15 May 2021 - ONLINE SEMINAR Open to all

RAINBOW MEDICINE: Conscious Living & Conscious Dying with Gill Emslie

Time 10:00–13:30 15:00–18:00

13 hours, equivalent to 26 CREDITS CFP

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“When we fight with our failing, we ignore the entrance to the shrine itself. If only we could give ourselves to the blows of the carver’s hands…. Our faces would fall away, until we, growing younger towards death, would gather all our flaws in celebration…”

David Whyte

Wellbeing, healing and awareness is at the heart of this training module. Drawing on Arnold Mindell’s work with the Quantum Mind and Healing, we will explore our deepest mythic relationship to life, death and our chronic symptoms. We will unfold with awareness our edges to these deeper experiences and find ways to connect with, understand and integrate the essence of these in our lives and in the world. Much of the most touching and powerful creative expression emerges from painful experience with which we resonate, both individually and collectively. We are surrounded by this in the music, art, poetry and dance that we are drawn to.

During this training seminar we will:

  • Learn how painful experiences in life can carry seeds for new, unexpected creative and empowering directions
  • Explore our deepest mythic relationship to life, death and our chronic symptoms
  • Develop skills to facilitate yourself and others in these experiences
  • Understand the collective impact of our individual experience
28 May 2021 - LIVE EXAMES at Naturalmente Crescendo Marti (PI) - Italy


29-30 May 2021 - LIVE & ONLINE SEMINAR

THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COUNSELING: Communication Skills and Self-care with Massimiliano Zonza

at Naturalmente Crescendo Marti (PI) – Italy & Online on Zoom

Time 09:30–13:00 15:00–18:30

14 hours, equivalent to 28 CREDITS CFP


Find out more

The two-day program includes:

What is Counseling; history key features; types of Counseling; the difference between Counseling and Counseling

The three orientations in the helping relationship

The Counseling interview; development and stages of Counseling; the listening path; work alone or in a group and grow together

Areas of application of counseling: professional counseling; familiar; educational; sanitary

The archetypal narrative: the narrative; the archetypes; applied mythology. (experiential theory and practice)

Cognitive Pragmatics: the pragmatics of communication; language analysis; elements of rhetoric (experiential theory and practice)

Self Care as a Counseling Perspective

Elements of Neurophilosophy

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19-20 June 2021 - ONLINE SEMINAR Open to all

FREEING YOUR CREATIVE SELF: Supporting projects, individual and groups, through dreaming and crazy wisdom with Bogna Szymkiewicz

Time 10:00–13:30 15:00–18:00

13 hours, equivalent to 26 CREDITS CFP

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Each of us has a lot of creative potential inside. Creativity might be found everywhere, not only in the recognized artistic activities.

In a creative way we can cook a dinner, meet a friend, discuss political issues, remodel a house as well as write, paint, sing or dance.

The secret lies in connecting to the deeper Self and finding the means and freedom to express what wants to be expressed.

During this weekend webinar we will:

  • learn to connect to the dreaming source of creativity
  • deal with the critical voice that stops us from using our potential
  • learn to have more fun with everything that we do
  • find new ways to approach our projects
  • discover the best forms of expressing our Self

with Massimiliano Zonza

First two hours group supervision reserved to all new students for the Process-oriented Counseling training

5 July 2021 - ONLINE CLASS Second class reserved for students in phase 2 of the Process Work path


Time 16:00–19:30

12 July 2021 - ONLINE CLASS Third class reserved for students in phase 2 of the Process Work path

DEATH WALK OF THE FACILITATOR: Not knowing, congruence of action and coherence with Reini Hauser

Time 16:00–19:30

13-14-15-16-17-18 September 2021 - LIVE SUPERVISION INTENSIVE Supervision reserved for school students and open to students of other Process Work schools as well at Naturalmente Crescendo Marti (PI) - Italy


Time:  From Monday morning to Saturday evening with Thursday afternoon free 9:30 – 13:30; 15:30 – 18:30

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Join us in creating a space to experience the magic of learning together! The focus will be on cultivating our ability to be in the present, observe and follow the emergent process within ourselves and in our individual, relationship and group work. We will practice:

  • Following the process by observing and unfolding the signals that emerge in the momentary interaction.
  • Noticing feedback, creating our initial hypothesis and dropping the programme
  • Developing one’s own facilitation style
  • Recognizing the dynamics within relationship of help
  • Developing skills to work with challenging clients
  • Practicing interventions in different Phases of the process
  • Developing methods of edge work with individuals and couples
  • Tracking the roles and rank differences in couples and group work
  • Deepening skills for facilitating conflicts
  • The ethics of practice

This highly experiential training will offer you the opportunity to focus on your growing edges as a facilitator, counselor and therapist (only for abilitated professionals). We look forward to being together in this learning community experience!

2 October 2021 - ONLINE CLASS Class reserved to all new students for the Process-oriented Counseling training


Time 10:00–13:00 15:00–18:00

6 hours, equivalent to 12 CREDITS CFP

23-24 October 2021 - ONLINE SEMINAR Open to all

SEEING BEYOND THE IMAGES OF OUR LIFE: Visual channel and dreams with Sergi Barrientos

Time 09:30–13:30 15:00–18:00

14 hours, equivalent to 28 CREDITS CFP

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Since the beginning of time, we have relied on dreams, myths and fables to explain life’s mysteries and elucidate human nature. Our visions, memories and fantasies are full of mystery, symbols and deep patterns that organize our lives.

All this unbounded source of images may be a key for our development: they are connecting us with our wholeness and give us support to be more ourselves in surprising and unexpected ways.

In this seminar we´ll explore the world of dreams and dream-like experiences to unfold their deepest meaning and use them as a source for Creativity and Transformation.

You will get simple and creative tools to work with visions, repetitive memories or disturbing fantasies, learning not only to support yourself, but others on their life path and daily challenges using the images.

13-14 November 2021 - ONLINE SEMINAR Open to all

THE WAY OF LOVE: The hidden forces in violence and extreme conflict dynamics with Ana Rhodes Castro

Time 10:00–13:00 14:30–18:00

13 hours, equivalent to 26 CREDITS CFP

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Breaking free from inner and outer oppression is a political, social, and community task and it is also a deeply psychological and spiritual one. It takes courage and compassion to break the cycle of violence. We need to recover a meta-position that has the ability to notice, reflect, and communicate impact. Recovering our sensitivity is a radical act of freedom that supports us to stay connected to the Spirit that Survives.

What we will Learn and Explore together in these two days:

  • A process-oriented understanding of the psycho-spiritual dynamics of violence.
  • The Language of Movement (Process Work and Rudolf von Laban): Using the language of movement to unfold the hidden power in extreme states of Violence.
  • Understanding the movement relationship between time, space, flow or strength, and weight and reconnecting with our own feeling of Gravity as the most necessary skill that supports us to be Present when intervening in high intensity and violent conflict dynamics.
  • Practical tools, skills and metaskills to implement when encountering violence in your own life.
  • How to recover a meta-position and recognize the impact during moments of intensity.
  • Becoming the Storyteller as a form of healing.
  • Recover your sensitivity as an ally during violent and volatile times.
  • Freeing the Victim and the Oppressor!
  • Celebrating our INDOMABLE SPIRIT and your deepest Spiritual Power, the Spirit that survives!
19 November 2021 - ONLINE SUPERVISION Second two hours group supervision reserved to all new students for the Process-oriented Counseling training

GROUP SUPERVISION with Massimiliano Zonza

Time 17:00–19:00

3-4-5 December 2021 - SUPERVISION INTENSIVE ONLINE Supervision reserved for school students and open to students of other Process Work schools as well


Time:  Friday: 16:00–19:00; Saturday 10:00–17:00; Sunday: 9:30–13:30

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In this supervision seminar, we will deepen self-perception, improve relational skills and meta-skills for working with groups, the organizations, and social fields we live in – as inseparable systems.

You will learn:

  • tools to work with inner conflict
  • tools to process relationship tension
  • tools for improving awareness of power, rank, and privileges and their effect on others as well as
  • facilitation tools for team and group processes and for getting a handle on roles, hot spots, and cool spots or moments of temporary resolution.

Students present cases, including the group to process these, as well as working as facilitators on the group field at various moments, including small group exercises.

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Are you interested in the subject of Processwork but would you like more information before registering?

Send an email to with the subject “Brochure Request”.  We will send you information about the school, its mission, the subjects we have covered up till today and how to structure the path that leads to the International Diploma in Processwork. We will be at your disposal for any clarification.