Discover how training in Processwork can grow the real and positive impact of one’s practice and make us feel good.

Processwork or Arte del Processo, as we call it in Italy, is a methodology that helps everyone involved in a helping relationship, coaching, facilitation, social and health care to have a real and positive impact on the lives of their clients, letting the work itself bring energy for working with different types of clients, individuals, couples, groups or organisations.


Processwork is a mindfulness-based practice that believes in what is happening in the moment and supports clients to perceive and trust their own inner sensory experience as the source of a wise and evolving process of change, specific and unique to them whether they are working for themselves or within a relationship.


A practitioner who uses a process-oriented approach is trained to notice the signals of her client; whether it is the tone of voice, the gaze, the posture of the body, a small interrupted movement or an unfinished sentence, the distance between the bodies or the words used, the overall atmosphere and others that influence the field, the communication of the ongoing process is enriched beyond the verbal content. In the work one learns to pick up the signals “of the dreaming body”, and without making assumptions, one learns to trust that what is happening is full of wisdom and to amplify the signals that appear, and then work with the client’s felt experience of their own inner and/or outer limits on their awareness and expression and life possibilities as they present themselves.


This mindfulness work helps clients-whether individuals, couples, teams, or groups-discover those experiences and aspects of their “whole self” that lie just beyond the boundary of their normal way of identifying. The emergence of these experiences, which were previously far from awareness and therefore not identified with, provides the next natural and wise steps in their journey through life.


Training in the method leads to the development of an open, curious, and empty mind and an unwavering commitment to trust that what is happening for one’s client at any given moment is the true bringer of change.


Processwork founder Arnold Mindell with his wife Amy and many other Processwork teachers and schools train in the skilful use of various types of attention:


  • Primary attention, which listens to the content,


  • Secondary attention, which picks up the broader signals of communication,


  • and an even broader attention, which allows you to work while feeling connected to something greater and to trust your own perception.


Processwork is a methodology with many deep roots (Taoism, indigenous philosophies, Jungian psychology, quantum physics, PNL) and has developed and brought together many theories such as but not exclusive to:


Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt theory, and Systemic and Communication theory amongst others.

The method has a way of structuring tools and methodologies that develop skills that allow you to work with your clients and your own boundaries, in a rich and energetic way.


Developing an acute awareness to client feedback, whether individual or group, supports facilitation at all times and functions as a true ethical regulator of the process and it’s most natural direction, helping those who work in this way to find their own sense of alignment without forcing what happens.


Processwork is a methodology that is also a paradigm shift, Instead of believing in a rigid program in which the practitioner “must do something”, it develops the ability to follow the unexpected and the extraordinary, or even, as they say the spiritual art of “riding the horse backwards”.


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Article by Sandra Salvucci, student Phase 2

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