Unfolding the texture of the soul


Unfolding the texture of the soulWEBINAR by Ana Rhodes Castro"A human being is a part of the totality we call the Universe, a part limited in time and space. However, he experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest; a form of optical illusion of consciousness.Albert EinsteinIn English and ItalianReserved for […]

The challenges of counseling


The Challenges of CounselingWEBINAR by Massimiliano ZonzaCounseling comes from a long tradition and constitutes an authentic revolution in the world of relational professions. Today, however, the field of relational professions is literally invaded by a plethora of different approaches in terms of methodology and purpose. In fact, we are witnessing the presence of a plurality […]

Sexuality, Intimacy and Sexual Issues


Sexuality, Intimacy and Sexual Issues WEBINAR by REINI HAUSER“What happens between people at night, what happens when the lights are off, under the blanket when no one is watching, is our Dreaming unfolding itself. It is looking for awareness, for a place at the table of conscious living” Process Work explores attraction, sexuality and sensuality as […]

Dancing your own Conflicts – Relationships, Accusations and Inner critics

Villa Majnoni Baldovinetti Via Mazzana 1, Marti (PI), Pisa

  Dancing your own Conflicts Relationships, Accusations and Inner criticsSEMINAR by BOGNA SZYMKIEWICZDancing through our conflicts is full of unexpected movements. Often, we trip, unable to follow the rhythm or we lose connection with the other person. Yet, each conflict situation can be seen as a dance. It is very important to learn the steps to […]

Systemic Oppression and Fragility


Systemic Oppression and Fragility WEBINAR by GILL EMSLIEAwareness of our own internalised oppression and unconscious biases as facilitators is central to facilitating from a deeply democratic perspective, with the metakills, and a deep sense of the systemic nature of systemic discrimination.Open to members Topics covered The goal ofthese class is to deepen our understanding of the […]