Conflict skills

SEMINAR CONFLICT SKILLS How to enter the fire, sit in it and emerge fired up instead of burnt outSEMINAR with Bogna SzymkiewiczFight, flight and freeze are typical responses to danger that we inherited in the course of evolution. We often use the same mechanisms while responding to what we perceive as psychological danger: conflict, criticism, […]


RIDING THE HORSE BACKWARDS The beginner’s mind: “to know not to know” as a source of creativity and awarenesswith Reini HauserThe open heart says, more than anything else, "Go on, ride the horse backwards. Let the impossible unfold”. Native American tribes often spoke of a "Heyoka", a crazy-wisdom trickster figure who did everything differently. His […]


COUNSELING AND DEEP DEMOCRACY  Archetypal Narrative, Applied Mythology and Neurophilosophy in the helping relationshipwith Massimiliano ZonzaThe seminar will consist of two parts: a first part dedicated to the constitutive and indispensable characteristics of Counselling (Foundation in Counselling) and a second part dedicated to an in-depth thematic study.  The Development of Counselling Counselling has a long […]

Counseling, Anthropology and Humanism

Seminar Counseling, Anthropology and Humanism  Diversity and richness in the practice of helping relationships SEMINAR with Bogna SzymkiewiczAn individual is always something complex that can never be reduced to a category or label. So the aim of true anthropology is to truly promote integral humanism and global human development. This evokes the more expansive horizon that […]


Bibbiena (AR)

THE BODY AND ITS POWER OF MOVEMENT The language of movement and the art of using it congruentlySEMINAR with Ana Rhodes Castro and Sergi Barrientos ReyeroThe Body Moves our Experiences all the time! The Body dreams us into being, allowing a process that unifies thought, feeling and sensing into a dynamic movement expression. Our Body […]


Marti (PI) Italy

DREAMING THE PATH OF OUR LIFE Our Life Myth and unique leadership powersSEMINAR with Bogna Szymkiewicz and Sergi BarrientosIn different moments of our life we ask ourselves questions like: “What am I here for? What is my purpose? What are my special gifts and how can I bring them into the world?” These are the questions […]

Day of Ethics, Deontology and Professional Development

  Day of Ethics, Deontology and Professional DevelopmentSEMINAR with Massimiliano ZonzaOpen to all, in particular to new and advanced students involved in basic and continuing education in Counseling.  In particular, the following aspects will be explored: Law 4/2013 other laws that apply to our professional field rules of conduct for professionals  the FEDPRO group professional […]


SUPERVISION INTENSIVESEMINAR with Reini Hauser and Gill EmslieProcesswork focuses on the wisdom of process and unravels resources and evolutionary cues in the difficulties themselves. It views disturbances as a royal road to individuation, the desire to change and to getting in touch with marginalised experiences and deeper meanings.  At the heart of Processwork, it is […]